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Accounting software for accountants

Get your clients using a dedicated accounting software package. It will give your clients a better chance at success and  make your job as the accountant more efficient.

The days of paper based accounts or using spread sheets are in the past. Don’t get bogged down in needless administration down a paper trail. Accounting software offers serious benefits to both accountants and clients alike.


spreadsheetempty256Built in reporting templates give you access to critical business data. Give your clients up to date, actionable advice based on their business performance. There is few places where more precious information about the business is held than in the accounts.

Enable your clients to succeed and grow with aged debtors, cash flow, sales reports and hundreds more.

Managing multiple clients

unlimitedaccountantacess_whitebgUse accounting software to manage multiple clients’ companies in one place. Rather than relying on up to date spreadsheets coming from different clients, get all of the financial records you need. Big Red Book allows you to add as many companies as you need onto your account.

Now you can spend less time being carrying out administration and more time providing value for the businesses you work with.

VAT Calculations

stackofcoinsgold256Have you tried to do VAT calculations from paper based accounts or using spreadsheet software? It probably took a lot longer than it needed to didn’t it? Accounting software takes care of your VAT calculations with every sales transactions entered, with flexible VAT rates to help making it even easier.

Simple run your VAT report for the period of time you need and you’ll be completing your VAT return in no time. Spend less time adding up figures and more time giving critical business advice

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More benefits in the cloud

Find out how online accounting software can provide even more benefits for accountants, bookkeepers and their clients.